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Photo of Amber Ptak
Amber Ptak
CEO, (she/her)
Amber Carlton
Amber Carlton
Communications Manager, (she/her)
Angela Roberts
Transformation Manager, (she/her)
Image of Ashlee Shields
Ashlee Shields
Suicide Prevention Project Coordinator, Teller County, (she/her)
Image of Christina Yasav
Christina Yasav
HMIS System Administrator, (she/her)
Dara Hoffman-Fox
Dara Hoffman-Fox
LGBTQ+ Health Equity Manager, (they/them)
Image of David Zucconi
David Zucconi
Lead Data Analyst, (he/him)
Image of Ekko Hartwell
Evan "Ekko" Hartwell
Data & Quality Assurance Analyst, (he/him)
Image of Evan Caster
Evan Caster
Senior Manager of Homeless Initiatives, (he/him)
Heather Brinker
Coordinated Entry Manager, (she/her)
Jace Koford
Executive Assistant, (she/her)
Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson
Grants Manager, (she/her)
Mary Ellen Benson
Mary Ellen Benson
Director of Strategy & Impact, (she/her)
Nicole Johnston
Project Manager, Suicide Prevention, (she/her)
Photo of PJ Higgins
PJ Higgins
Project Manager, Opioid Prevention, (he/him)
Image of Rachel Keener
Rachel Keener
Senior Manager of LGBTQ+ Health Equity, (she/her)
Scott Correa
Scott Correa
Project Specialist, (he/him)
Photo of Stoney Roberts
Stoney Roberts
Center Site Director, (he/they)
Photo of Suzanne Hampe
Suzanne Hampe
Senior Accountant
Photo of Tracy Narvet
Tracy Narvet
Consulting Finance Director