Photo of Carter Cadena

Carter Cadena

Community Resource Specialist, Prism Community Collective

Carter (he/she/they), a Texas native, graduated from high school in 2015 and pursued higher education in New York City at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy. With almost a decade as a Drag entertainer, they’ve graced global stages and have been featured in a book and numerous documentaries illuminating the intricacies of Queer life. For Carter, Drag transcends mere performance – it is a political rebellion, a social protest, and, above all, a profound means of self-expression.

Since the attack on Club Q in 2022, Carter has been at the forefront of advocating for victims, families, and survivors to ensure that their voices are heard. They’ve had critical conversations with elected leaders, collaborated with non-profits and grassroots organizations, attended national conferences, and actively participated in on-the-ground initiatives. Their approach is rooted in genuine passion, empathy and authenticity. Now, as part of the Prism team, Carter is dedicated to continuing this essential work and fostering tangible change for the community.