About CHP

Our Work

Community health is more than physical healthcare. It is a combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions that positively impacts all areas of health. Extensive research shows that communities that prioritize health and wellbeing reap numerous benefits, including improved educational achievement, safety, and life expectancy. However, people are often prevented from accessing what they need to thrive because existing systems are fundamentally flawed.

CHP collaboratively reimagines and reengineers these flawed systems. Our role in this effort is not to develop and implement solutions on our own. Instead, we empower individuals and organizations to co-create transformative solutions. We do this by building essential skills and capacities in the community, incubating ideas, fostering proactive innovation, collaborating with diverse voices, and facilitating win-win outcomes.

Our Beliefs

Systems are fundamentally flawed, which prevents people from thriving.
A different type of leadership is needed to create transformative change.
Change is possible and non-negotiable.

Our Mission

To transform the way people work together to solve complex community health issues.

Our Vision

Collaboration, connectedness, and equity form the foundations of thriving communities, where everyone has what they need to flourish.

How We Work

Listen + Learn

Our work starts by paying attention and absorbing information, no matter who we engage.

Convene + Engage

We create space for diverse voices and meet people where they are.

Innovate + Rebuild

We collaboratively re-engineer flawed systems.

Contact us

To see how you can get involved with CHP, please contact us at info@ppchp.org