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The Hate State. In 1992, Colorado earned this label with the passage of Amendment 2. The state constitutional amendment prohibited any city, town, or county in Colorado from passing laws or regulations protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. It effectively invalidated existing anti-discrimination laws protecting ...
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The Prism Provider Directory: Bridging the Gap

Blog When Lisa’s* child, K, then 14, shared that they were questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity, she wasn’t quite sure how to respond. But instead of downplaying or dismissing this news, Lisa, a single mom, asked to learn more. Over the next year, ...
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New program helping local families avoid evictions (KOAA)

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The Fundamental Power of Advocacy

Blog When it comes to fixing broken systems, CHP believes there are few skills more fundamental than advocacy. Used effectively, advocacy gives individuals and coalitions the power to address policy, resource flows, practices, relationships, power dynamics, and mental models – all of which are necessary ...
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Transforming Community, One Neighbor at a Time

Blog When you think of mental health care and suicide prevention, what comes to mind? Therapists? Medication? Crisis hotlines? Most likely, connection wasn’t on the list. Studies show that strong, meaningful connections are powerful protective factors in preventing suicide and bolstering mental health. This holds ...
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Idea to Impact: The Housing Navigator Network

Blog When many of us think about systems change, it can feel daunting. Complex and inherently flawed, systems don’t change overnight. It requires time, energy, and resources, all things that each of us have a limited supply of. Besides, why even bother when we will ...
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