Coordinated Entry (CE)

The Coordinated Entry (CE) process was designed to implement the Pikes Peak Continuum of Care’s vision to “have a durable system of places and programs to ensure that all people facing homelessness have access to housing and the supportive services to sustain their quality of life.” CE provides timely access to appropriate resources through a centralized, equitable, person-centered process that preserves choice, dignity, and transparency.
The CE process includes:
1. ASSESSMENT: In order to prioritize those most vulnerable and in need of help, we will use the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization And Decision Assistance Tool version 2.0 developed by OrgCode and Community Solutions. This tool provides a starting point for case conferencing as a community.
2. ASSISTANCE: Community service providers will help individuals to move toward a housing solution. This includes obtaining documents, developing a housing plan, providing case management and referral services, etc.
3. ASSIGNMENT: Service providers will meet for case conferencing and “match” individuals with the appropriate housing resource or program.


The VI-SPDAT Assessments were created and are maintained by OrgCode and Community Solutions. Training materials on the VI-SPDAT Assessments are available at OrgCode’s web site. To view OrgCode’s free materials, you must create an account and add the training/materials to a cart. There is NO charge. 
For VI-SPDAT material and other data forms, please see HMIS data forms