Join major health care providers in our region in collaborating for a healthier community.

CHP’s role is to facilitate coordination among health care providers and to identify ways we can work together to address community health issues.  We are a membership-based organization whose sole purpose is to provide a forum for open dialogue based on an underlying value of doing what is best for our community.
Be part of community-based solutions and help to ensure that health care decisions are made locally.

Why join CHP?

CHP members have a seat at the table.

Members work together with other providers to improve the health of the community. CHP sponsors free programs on a variety of fascinating and relevant topics, like health information exchange, health care reform, and overall community health goals.

Benefits go both ways.

While we continue to improve the health of our community, we help our members as well. At our quarterly meetings, coalition members get to hear about new and exciting things happening in their community.
Talk to us more about how CHP membership benefits your organization.

CHP members are committed to collaboration.

Dive in and join a CHP committee or work group on a specific topic or issue, or run for a seat on the Board of Directors. Make your voice heard.

Not a member? You can still donate services.

You do not have to be a CHP member to be a provider in Community Care or to donate services to the CATCH system, but being a member entitles you (and staff of your organization) to attend free networking and informational meetings, run for Board membership, and join committees and work groups.

How can I join?

Step 1 – Apply

Download and complete the CHP Membership Application. You can complete the application digitally (recommended) or you can print and mail your membership to CHP.

To complete the application digitally:

1. Download and save the CHP Membership application in one of two ways:

–  Right click the CHP Membership Application button and select “Save As” to save it to your computer.


–  Click the Digital CHP Employment Application button. The application will open in your internet browser.
–  Hover your mouse in the lower right corner of the application until a toolbar of icons appears.
–  Select the disk icon and save it to your computer.

2. Follow the instructions on the CHP Membership Application to complete the form.

You will need Adobe PDF in order to complete the application digitally. You can download it for free here.

3. When you are done filling out your Membership Application, save it to your computer and complete the remaining steps.

CHP Membership Application

Step 2 – Submit

After you have completed your CHP Membership Application, submit it for consideration by the CHP Board of Directors by completing the form below, attaching your completed application, and clicking submit.

  • Drop files here or

Step 3 – Get Approved

The board reviews every application submitted.  Once the board review is complete, you will be notified of their decision. This review can take up to 4 weeks.

Step 4 – Pay Dues

Pay your initial dues and you are ready to go!  Membership terms are from May 1 through April 30.  Dues may be prorated for those joining after May 1.

What are my dues?  What do they cover?

Most of CHP’s operational costs are covered by dues received from members. Dues are tiered based on the organization’s revenue; contact us for the current dues. Individual memberships are for individuals who are not representing an organization. Nonprofit organizations should use the total dollar amount on line 12 of Form 990 as the basis for calculating dues; for profits should use total gross revenues.

Step 5 – Get Involved

Get involved! The best way to get the most benefit from your CHP membership is to stay involved. We have several ways to do that:

Attend events:

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, lectures and networking opportunities.
Join a committee or work group:

We have several different committees and work groups to suit your different skills and interests.

Run for a seat on the CHP Board of Directors!

Contact us for information on joining committees and other ways to get involved!