CHP Member Conversation Summary

Dear Members of CHP,
This summer, you joined in a conversation to help CHP better understand what resonated with our members about CHP’s work, the types of challenges CHP is uniquely suited to address, and where we should focus our efforts. Your feedback will inform a new strategic plan for CHP. A high-level summary of those conversations is attached.
Most members knew CHP as the Regional Care Collaborative Organization (RCCO). We were recognized for outstanding care coordination and for investing in innovative programs, such as CSFD CARES and respite care for the homeless. Members were aware of our convening work and ability to bring the right people to the table, but felt there could be more transparency around CHP priorities and how we selected programs to support. Members asked for better sharing of data and lessons learned and for more opportunities to engage.
With the upcoming transition to the Regional Accountable Entity and the intent to transition our Medicaid programs to the Colorado Community Health Alliance on July 1, 2018, CHP is preparing for a profoundly intense year. Come next summer, we will look differently. And though we don’t yet know exactly what that will look like, we are absolutely committed to engage more with our members to identify the places where collaboration and cross-sector work can come together to create better health outcomes for people. 
Thank you for the work you do and the support you give CHP. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Yours in good health.
Aimee Cox, CEO
Community Health Partnership