CATCH Clinician Application

  • What is CATCH?

    CATCH, a program of Community Health Partnership (CHP), works with local safety net clinics to provide low-income, uninsured individuals access to pro bono specialty care and diagnostic services. Physicians, students, and businesses engaged in CATCH agree to treat these individuals free-of-charge. All CATCH clients are screened by a safety net clinic to ensure they meet eligibility criteria, which includes not being eligible for Medicaid or other types of insurance. In order to receive services, all eligible individuals must sign a “Client Responsibility Agreement,” which includes an acknowledgement that they are responsible for maintaining their care. CATCH staff, in partnership with the safety net clinics, will monitor the client’s compliance of these responsibilities and an infraction of any of these responsibilities may be grounds for their removal from the program. These individuals are accessing primary care through the safety net clinic referring them to specialty care.
  • How Does it Work?

    The program is structured so that treating CATCH patients is well supported – our staff communicate directly with the safety net clinics and the clients prior to a referral. Every referral made to you will have already been screened by the clinic’s medical director, as well as the CATCH Medical Director, to ensure referrals to your office are appropriate. Clients can access laboratory and imaging tests prior to or after their appointment at no charge. As a volunteer clinician, you determine how many patients you accept per year and you can see patients either in your office or at a local safety net clinic. We also work with each patient to make sure they get to each scheduled appointment – if a patient misses their appointment, it will count as an appointment that you had promised the program. These individuals will have an identified primary care physician overseeing their care from the safety net clinic, so there is no expectation that you will follow these patients through their care.
  • Thank you!

    We appreciate the time you contribute to serving these patients. Our primary goal is to connect low-income, uninsured individuals with the specialty care they need to advance their health and well-being.
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