Access to Care

CHP’s goal is to develop a roadmap for improving the access to and quality of care for low-income patients who are uninsured or underinsured in the Pikes Peak region.

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Connecting uninsured

To improve access to health services for all residents, CHP leverages intelligent convening, planning, evaluation, and active problem-solving in partnership with member and allies to:

  • Ensure the geographic availability of health services city-wide and support safety net clinics to connect low-income uninsured residents to high quality, culturally competent healthcare services;
  • Improve health literacy so residents have information they can understand and use to make informed decisions and to protect and promote their health; and
  • Develop a health workforce to support the healthcare needs in the region.

CATCH - Coordinated access to community health

Recognizing a growing need for health care services for our community’s uninsured low-income residents, CHP established CATCH (Coordinated Access to Community Health) in 2006. CATCH is a network of independent safety net clinics. CHP supports this network by coordinating donated medical services, providing patient navigation, and making training available to safety net providers.

  • In 2018, CATCH connected 844 low-income residents to $382,487 in donated medical services that could not be provided in the clinic setting
  • 7.1% of persons in El Paso County are without health insurance, almost 50,000 people
  • About 15,000 people have been without insurance longer than 5 years
  • More than 1 in 4 persons (26.6%) in El Paso County have Medicaid insurance, over 183,000 people
  • About 7,000 are eligible for Medicaid insurance but not enrolled

Safety net clinics:

  • Dream Centers - Women's Gynecological Services
  • Mission Medical Center - Medical Care, Dental, Vision
  • Open Bible Medical Clinic & Pharmacy - Medical Care, Community Pharmacy
  • Peak Vista Community Health Centers - Federally Qualified Health Center, Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health
  • S.E.T. Family Medical Clinics - Medical Care
  • Tri-Lakes Cares Outreach Clinic - Medical Care
  • Westside Cares Outreach Clinic- Medical Care

Supporting access to care

If you are interested in donating services to the CATCH program or if you are in need of donated services, please contact us at

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